Friday, April 30, 2004

Aidan - you have understood EXACTLY what this is about!

Dear Aidan,

I just want to say what a great post you just made. You have hit the nail on the head!

I don't know if you ever talked to Susannah Finzi about the Tocris project which we worked on together. She was astonished that I spent days sitting with the poor bloke who did the stock recording, then spent at least as much time writing up what I had learned from him in minute detail. Everything he revealed to me was in strictest confidence, and could only be revealed to anyone else in his company after he had edited it for publication.

That raw material was the very foundation we needed to be able to do our job, but when Susannah mentioned this to her colleagues in the Project Management field, they expressed amazement. They knew of no-one else who had ever worked in such a way.

To us, it was plain and obvious that we couldn't build an information framework that would work, unless we knew exactly what information the poor bloody workers needed in order to get their job done. If we could build a framework that satisfied them, any necessary information for managerial control MUST therefore have been captured in our database.

Isn't that obvious? Apparently not!

This is a paradigm shift, I know. Once seen, it seems ludicrous that we didn't all see it before.