Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Easier done than said, SB

Having just put in 11 straight hours on the insane OECD principles, I want my Mommy. The bloody comments have to go in Wed. and the more I get into it, the less convinced it was one of my more cogent ideas. It is just so pointless to deal with this rules-based fiasco on a stupidity by stupidity basis. So, as Beer would do it, you reframe the problem to exclude the constraint. Thus, I am devising a forked lance to ruin their brain and their balls at the same thrust. No one is going to like the product. My goal is to have the ministers like it the least of all. There is a certain liberating feeling about telling the very truth that will preclude any response. If I tell them my measure of success is how many targets get outraged, no success example will want to give me the satisfaction. Did we not all learn this in the sandbox?

BTW, the specifications for a compliance machine are well done by Chris Johnson and staff in Glasgow U. along the lines of a computerized theorem prover for management logic. What a marvelous idea - to submit management's logic to a formal logic evaluator first. Do not try this on your spouse.