Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The escalation phase has begun

There are many independent indicators that a collision of senior management with SEC 404 compliance is imminent. All the lawyers and accountants are issuing clear warnings to corporate leaders. In planning for the future, it is critical to recognize that this head-on clash is not under the control of any institution, including Dubya. That means there is no head to monitor for signs. Further, it is a collision of fundamental methodologies where the outcome will be hierarchical business as usual OR Skunkworks-based. There can be no draw, no stalemate.

It is now clear that management is unresponsive to promotion. It does not want to hear about the benefits of objective governance and the logical brilliance of your compliance software. It is letting the clock time out while it flogs those least able to resist. No major corporation has stepped up to the bar. It's time for an idea.