Monday, January 26, 2004

Devil's advocacy

Trevor's idea of feeding directly into reporting model development is excellent. I am a great fan of straighforwardness, and of talking directly and with directness.

We seem to be having a discussion of what happens when certain ideas and techniques break loose in the business domain. Our stated POSIWID is to find a rewarding role in the changes that ensue and I am convinced this is possible, indeed of high probability.

I want to play devil's advocate in one respect however. Supposing a combination of regulation and legal/investor action force a management to install a system that Trevor builds so that there is continuous non-intrusive monitoring of certain aspects of the business process. This system is what is needed to support the goal-seeking behaviour of the business. My question is, given the political situation generated and how much is at stake, can this system in fact be taken over and misused for old purposes? And is that likely to happen?